CommonWealth Entrepreneurship


I can’t face another Monday morning at this job.

I don’t want to do yet another annual review.

If there’s another round of layoffs, will I be next?

Does this sound familiar? These thoughts have likely been circling around in your head for months. You’re exhausted with the same thinking, mindset, and you feel stuck in your job.

You’re questioning your career, your purpose, and you deeply believe there is something else, and something bigger, out there for you.

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.

We’re leveraging 22 years of experience working for startups, starting multiple businesses, selling, investing, mentoring and advising in dozens of others to develop CommonWealth Entrepreneurship (or CWE for short).

CommonWealth Entrepreneurship teaches effective and actionable entrepreneurship 101 courses that will actually help you create and launch your own thriving service business.

We will teach you how people of all ages, races, and backgrounds can, and have achieved entrepreneurial success.

You don’t have to be young to take our courses. You don’t need 20 years of experience. You don’t need to live in Silicon Valley or have VC connections. You just have to follow our four guiding principles that we have honed in on while working with dozens of companies over the last two decades.

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The Face Behind CWE

Bill Balderaz

Bill group up as a rich, white, male in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Well…not really.

Bill grew up as the son of a social worker and migrant worker in a small Ohio town with no money, no connections and fighting a chronic disease. He was awarded a full ride merit-based scholarship to college and worked for four startups by the time he was 30. He started his first company at his kitchen table at the age of 31, and sold it in less than five years, paying off his house, two cars, and funding his kids’ college education and retirement for him and his wife. He has gone on to start, sell, buy, invest in and mentor more than two dozen businesses. 

Now, he wants to give you access to finding your purpose, financial freedom and fulfillment through entrepreneurship and is ready to share what he’s learned. 

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The first step of entrepreneurship is getting clear on the four guiding principles of entrepreneurship and to see how you score in being ready to start your own service business.